Advanced Therapies For the Whole Person


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We are a holistic center devoted to the best in natural approaches to health.  Our practice recognizes that within each human being there is a dynamic interplay between body, soul and spirit. 

True health addresses not only the physical body but those subtleties that constitute our vitality as well as our psychological and spiritual selves.  Just as the physical body has organs with different functions, so does the psyche have different components of mind, emotion and will.  Our deeper inner nature moves us toward realizing authentic motives.  Each of us is a unique microcosm expressing a need for balance, understanding and wellbeing. 

At The Healing Arts we promote appropriate and individual-specific programs for your health including neuromuscular therapies, homeopathy, nutrition, listening-sound therapy and holistic counseling. We are recognized as one of the leading practitioners of audio processing integration based upon the work of the world-renowned Alfred Tomatis.


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          Advanced Therapies For the Whole Person